HTC Says iPhone Isn't Cool Anymore


Some new studies show interesting things about popularity of iPhone and it's rival HTC. Is it the end of iPhone era or is it just another attack on Apple products?

By the words of HTC's president, iPhone isn't cool anymore! His explanation is that older users tend to use iPhone more often, rather than younger population. The Taiwan phone maker's U.S. division head, Martin Fichter, said the iPhone isn't so attractive to young smartphone buyers because their parents have them, so automatically it can't be cool. :) His opinion is based on recent observation of his college-aged daughter and her friends. He noticed that they were carrying HTC's, Samsungs and even some Chinese manufacurers devices, but not so much iPhones. Fichter also said he thinks the MacBook Air is still considered appealing to younger people, but the iPhone isn't because it attracts older users! Some reports have shown that Android users are younger than those who use iPhone, but analysts justify this by major difference in price between Apple iPhone and some Android smartphones and therefore Android is more accesible to younger crowds. Young users may use Androids now more, but nothing says that they will stick to Android once they move on to higher-paying jobs with more disposable income.