Nokia N9 shipments start


First Nokia N9 started leaving factories but there might be a problem about pricing.

Factories in Finland are sending first shipments, so it's a matter of days when we will have a first MeeGo-running smartphone in our stores! What seems to be a problem is Nokia price estimates. According to Nokia, 16GB model will cost you 480 and 64GB version will be 560. These prices are before taxes so it is to expect that they will end up even higher!


Unless carriers take care of this model by embracing and offering heavy subsidies to it, this won't be a good job for Finns. By N9 being the platform flagship, it's very important for this Nokia to gain some significant market share in order to attract developers. Even with cool design and innovative and intuitive OS we can't see this happening with these prices dictated by Nokia.


 Lets just hope we are wrong and this N9 turns to a success! MeeGo is an ultra-cool platform and it would be a shame that something impressive like this goes to waste!